Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Too wimpy for biking.

I took a walk at lunch today, bundled in all my usual layers. I couldn't deal with the less-than-20-degree business that was going on when I was preparing for my day, so I just didn't. I drove.

self-portrait with cone
I am a nerd..

Random self-portrait in the window of a local union headquarters. I wandered down Spring Garden Street this afternoon, something I rarely do. It's the largest road in the area near my office, which means it's loud, litter-strewn, and there are people walking the streets all the time. Not exactly part of my lunch break decompression plan. It was so cold today that I hardly encountered anyone, which was nice. I like to be alone with my thoughts (and my camera) when I'm walking.

wavy tree on brick
I loved the way the branches of this tree bend; I loved the way their shadow looked on brick. Like a tree shadow ballet, bending impossibly low.

Bare trees in winter usually make me sad. Winter itself makes me sad, really. I'm trying to turn that around. I'll never stop hating the cold, but it's nice to see the sin rise as I commute to work and watch it set on my ride home. I'll admit that I can't help but look at the sun rising or setting over the city and think about how lucky I am to be in that moment. I don't have those moments in the spring or summer--not the same way. There's something about watching the sun peek above or lower itself below the city skyline that's cathartic for me.

flowers against patched brick
Brick and flowers.

A remnant of fall, dying in the freeze. In a few months, the yards of the city will again be overflowing with flowers and green things. Part of me cannot wait; of course biking is more pleasant when it's warmer. The other part of me is trying to come to some sort of understanding with Winter--after all, it's unavoidable. It's coming every year despite all my wishes to the contrary. I can find beauty in it if I try.


  1. I cannot figure out why I like your photos so much, but you seem to have an eye for making ordinary things into beauty.