Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Another rainy day...

Today was an ok day, aside from the weather. I didn't get many opportunities to get good photos outside of the house, but I tried.

Last night, as things were winding down, dinner eaten, the dishes done, and Lou and I were finally starting to relax a bit, things got a little weird. First, several emergency vehicles arrived in front of our neighbors' place. They came, they stayed a while, they left. We have no idea what happened.

What is this all about, PGW? Why are you constantly tearing our street to bits and spray-painting weird symbols everywhere? Do you actually do anything?

And then there was the gas smell. Lou was heading to the basement to switch laundry when she thought she smelled gas. I didn't smell it, but she insisted. I was elected to take the animals upstairs. The gas company told us to open all windows and not turn anything on or off. Lou waited downstairs in the freezing house while I sat in bed waiting to hear.

It turns out it was not gas, but the smell of tomcat pee seeping into our basement through the foundation. Awesome. We're to expect this any time we have prolonged rain or moisture.

Green Earl Grey leaves in filter.

Tea has become an obsession. Never again will I drink tea--even loose tea--from a grocery store. I've discovered Premium Steap and there's no comparison. Unfortunately for those who have to work/live with me, it's also messy. I'm constantly discarding tea leaves and wiping up drips from my strainer. I am obviously turning into British Royalty. Crumpets, anyone?

agnes pensive
Oh, Aggie.

One last photo: Cap'n Agnes Greasepalms, all grown up and ornery. I know, I know, I swore this wouldn't be all about cats. It was cold and wet outside, though, and she was so cooperative. Oh, Aggie. I love how you love/hate your mommies. There's another cute photo of her on my Flickr page, but I'll spare anyone who reads this the excessive cat photos.

Hopefully, tomorrow's weather will lend itself to more outdoor activities.

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