Saturday, January 10, 2009

Slightly rushed, high dog content.

This morning and early afternoon has been spent trying to get stuff done for a party tonight (my 30th birthday party, to be exact.) I lugged the camera around everywhere we went, but was mostly unsatisfied with the photos I took. In the interest of having something to post, I harassed my lovely girlfriend and our pets for a bit. If you're reading this, you're about to meet the interesting characters who share my life and home.

Like trying to hug a 70lb weasel
Lou making a futile attempt to hug Keely.

Saint Keely
Keely in a quieter moment.

Our two "Philly Specials" (AKA pitbulls) keep us on our toes at all times. Keely is a neurotic mess, a tortured soul, and a total love-sponge. She's my dog, of course. (I actually agonize over the fact that perhaps my anxiety caused her anxiety. As though it's contagious.) She's obsessed with open spaces and playing fetch--to the point where the suggestion of either sends her into a fit of shaking, whining, and drooling. She's... special. She's also pretty obsessively attached to me--to the extent that Lou felt she needed a dog of her own to love her; Keely just couldn't focus her love on two people in an even and fair way.

Bart begging under the table.
Bart haunting the area under the dining room table, hoping for food bits to hit the floor.

Barty's a much more relaxed guy, at least on the surface. He's madly in love with food. He's been with us for about three years, and it's only been in the last year or so that he's developed a real personality. We used to call him BORT (in a loud, flat tone) because he seemed more robot than dog. I know Lou was really frustrated for a while because she had this idea in her mind of a dog loving her in the obsessive way Keel loves me, and that didn't happen for a long time. He's that dog now, but it's been a long road.

So many cats.
Then there's the catlady issue...

Yeah. We're catladies. There are four in that picture, yeah? That's slightly more than half our herd. And then there's the NPO we run. City Kitties, a cat rescue. Yeah... we're catladies. To our defense, we both had three when we met five years ago, so we're not collecting them at a rapid rate or anything. And the one we did collect is... well, Aggie is special. (And by special I mean evil, drooly, and quite unhygienic.)

So, because I failed at getting out and doing anything productive with my camera today, you've gotten a little glimpse of the insanity I contend with daily. Two extremely athletic dogs, a herd of cats, and an adorable partner who only lets me post blurred photos of her because she never thinks she looks cute enough.

Check back in tomorrow. There could potentially be party photos, or maybe I'll take a ride and get some new material.