Sunday, January 11, 2009

Post-party laziness

The night went well. I have photos from the party, but half of them are digital photos taken by other people (I set my camera on auto and let people pass it around) and the other half are Polaroids I'm too lazy to scan at the moment. All I need to say, really, is that the turnout was awesome. It's a wonderful feeling to see your house teeming with people who want to celebrate you.

This morning, Lou and I rolled out of bed at 11, the latest we've slept in in... well, years, I think. I did dishes (so many dishes!) and she made biscuits, tempeh "sausage," and gravy. The dogs helped (by getting in the way and pestering us for food, mostly. But they meant well, I'm sure.)

how to cook with pitbulls
Keely makes sure Lou doesn't burn herself by getting too close to the stove.


We also found that we'd acquired quite the windfall of alcohol; a stash of porters and ales in the fridge, a bottle of white wine, and three bottles of red. Very exciting stuff. I'm a total beer geek and Lou is a huge fan of red wine, so we're set for a while.

beer windfall 1
Beers! Beers for me!

Weather permitting, we will return to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow. Check back in for some more snippets of Philly as I see it.

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