Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Nibco, rusty blue locks, and other weirdness...

It is what it is. Enjoy.

blue spigot

Blue spigot. I liked the shape and the color. And that it was made by "Nibco." It's funny, the things I find interesting. I'm sure people think I'm crazy when they pass me lying on my stomach taking photos of their neighbors' spigots, but I seem to have stopped caring what people think about me when I've got a camera in my hand. It makes me bolder. It's like my secret weapon.

beer port?

Back in the late '90s, I lived a block away from this place. It had already closed by then, but wasn't quite in this amazing state of disrepair. It's actually in a pretty good location for a business, so I'm not sure why the building is unoccupied and crumbling, but I think it's rather pretty, in a way. The best part about it is the multiple cracked and peeling signs advertising "Fresh Poultry." Yeah, I'll bet it's nice and fresh.

lock on sky blue

I have a lock obsession. The older and rustier, the better. Also, I really love blue. This is part of the same crumbling building as the last photo.

angel with window

My ride home (on days when I'm free of errands, anyhow) takes me past this building every day. I'm always struck by the architecture; I love the roundness and the red. Today was the first time I really stopped and took stock. I don't think I'd noticed the angel until now. Is she an angel? I'm not even sure. Whatever she is, it's cold outside and she's exposed to all the world, looking rather smug about it all.


  1. Hm. I love the sign that says "Beer Port"

  2. this is really pretty...although to me it looks like she's standing on a scallop shell and it's water splashing around her... (?)