Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Love and stomach bugs.

I left work early today because I kept having waves of nausea every few minutes. I tried to make sure I got done everything that was important; clients who needed contacting were called or emailed, reports written, and the front desk covered. Whew. I then got in the car (along with the new breadmaker that's going to change our lives forever!) and headed home to sleep it off.

It turns out, Lou was in the same state, and she'd left work a little before I did (apparently we share everything, stomach bugs included). We glanced at each other for a second, and knew it was agreed: bed. Now.

I woke up from a nearly four-hour nap to the smells of cooking.

steaming veggie soup
Homemade vegetable soup. Lou is amazing.

Lou was cooking soup and making croutons out of stale bread. I grabbed the strainers and made us both a cup of tea to go along with our soup, and we had a nice sick person's meal together.

tea strainer
Tea strainer set: something i can no longer live without.

A note on tea: I've discovered that going to the gourmet tea shop and purchasing loose tea by the ounce is actually significantly cheaper than buying boxed tea bags or even loose teas at the grocery store. It's also much tastier. Who knew? And since it's taken the place of my nightly beer or two, we're saving quite a bit of money.

Tomorrow I'm hoping I'll feel well enough to bike, and that the weather will allow for it. I'm itching to take a walk with my camera, but it's just not been an option many days recently. Hopefully tomorrow will bring nicer weather and a well-rested, healthy me.

It is now time to turn on a space heater, pile some blankets on, and snuggle on the couch for the Lost premier.

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