Thursday, January 15, 2009

me, 7:16 AM
Self-portraits two days in a row!

7:15 AM. At work. Putting coffee on, getting keys for the registers, reviewing charts that were left for me, and generally trying to gather my wits about me before I have to deal with other human beings.

Miriam and Saffron 4

Miriam and Saffron. Miriam nursed this cat back to health when her owner couldn't. She tube-fed her several times a day, cleaned up after her when she couldn't make it to the litter, and loved her like her own. Today, Saffron went back to her owner a healthy cat. Miriam is one of the several exceptionally compassionate people I work with.

Saffron 2

Saffron, preparing to reunite with her dad. I wonder if she knows she's gotten a second chance? She certainly knows she's beautiful.

Ultimately, that's what I love about my job; the people I work with who want nothing more than to help animals live better lives, and the animals we get to help, know, and love. I can probably come up with quite a list of gripes, but they're all canceled out by those two things.

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