Sunday, January 18, 2009

Not exactly the bluebirds of Springtime...


These little guys are out in full force today.

It's finally above freezing! I just spent ten minutes outside with only one layer of clothing on, and can still feel all my extremities. It's wonderful!

The birds of the neighborhood obviously agree with me, because they're all over the place. I'm not sure where they've been holed up the last few days, but they're definitely happy to be out and about. This particular flock flew from tree to fence to street to roof and back about four times in the ten minutes I stood outside. The little guy in flight in the first picture seemed to be their ringleader-or maybe just the most nervous of the bunch.

I'm thrilled for the slight letting-up of the cold. I miss my bike. I miss the intimacy of being alone with the city streets, as weird as that might sound. I do a lot of my thinking and observing from the seat of my bike. It's my "me time."

Yesterday was a nice day despite the cold. Lou and I lazed around for part of the day, then went on a whirlwind shopping trip, hitting three grocery stores and CVS. I know, crazy, right? We're trying to be frugal, which involves a bit of shopping around. It wasn't so bad. We came home and Lou made two giant vegetarian shepherd's pies while I did dishes and kept her company. She made TVP from scratch for the first time instead of buying prepackaged fake "hamburger," and it turns out to be really easy and significantly cheaper.

two shepherd's pies! 1
Topped with Asiago cheese for added nutrition, obviously.

Lou is currently making her own corn tortillas from scratch for the first time. I'm pretty excited about this.

I've started to realize that this blog might end up being about more than just photos of Philly and bicycle commuting. As things are changing for Lou and I, there might be more about living frugally, vegetarian cooking, and just general randomness. It will remain formatted around photography. It's just sort of taking on a life of its own right now. Stay tuned.

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