Thursday, January 22, 2009

A lost purple glove and random musings.

abandoned glove
Lonely purple glove.

I got to take a brief walk today. The workday was actually pretty decent, but getting out and feeling like I'm living a little is always nice. The second half of my day can sometimes make me feel a little isolated; I'm alone in an office with a computer and a stack of charts. I wish I had an hour lunch break; the things I could do with an hour! A half hour walk is enough to go four or five blocks, then turn around. Not much time to think or daydream--or find someone to talk to, for that matter.

Eastern State reflected off painted window
Shop window with swirly painting reflecting Eastern State Penitentiary.

It seems that lately, escaping into fantasy is my drug of choice. MY fantasies are simple; I live a life where there are no worries. I'm finished school. I'm making a living that allows for a little more wiggle room in terms of finance--hey, I'm easy. I just want to be able to go out to dinner somewhere nice once in a while without worrying about having the money. Maybe having a decent wardrobe rather than a collection of jeans that don't fit anymore and ratty old hooded sweatshirts would be nice. And of course I'd have a collection of craft beers stocked up in my pantry to try anytime I'd like. That sounds nice. Mmmmm... beer. Uhhh... end fantasy.

In reality, I've got so much. I might not be able to stock my pantry with multiple different craft beers at once, but I get to pick out a case every few weeks, and it's always something good. I've got this amazing old house, a wonderful partner who puts up with my shenanigans and my need to have the latest and most expensive in smartphone technology, a steady job, and a large group of friends I can see myself remaining friends with for a long time.

Keely and Please Touch Museum
Keely and I played fetch tonight. Bart spent the whole time trying to eat goose poop.

Pillars in Fairmount Park
Fairmount Park, 42nd and Belmont.

Did I mention I live ten minutes from this? I'm pretty sure there's a ton to explore out here. Recently, we've been taking the dogs to this one specific spot and running them, but I think tomorrow I'm going to petition we take them on long leads and explore the park. I think that might be fun. There's a lot of open space out there...


  1. Is this Belmont Plateau? My cross country meets were there- If you go into the woods there are some wicked hills- it would be quite a workout for you and the puppies!

  2. It is... I think. I took an early-morning bike ride through the area this fall, and can attest to the wicked hills! I think Lou and I are going to take the dogs out there again tomorrow and just walk with them.

  3. That picture is the essence of Keely. I love it.