Thursday, January 8, 2009

Brief, but colorful. Sort of.

So, the rain's finally let up. It was cold and windy today, but I really didn't mind. I got up, threw on some thermals under my clothes, and hopped on my bike this morning. The commute felt great; I think my body really needed the exercise. Since I had all the warm cycling gear with me, I decided to spend my lunch break wander Fairmount with my camera. More exercise, photo opportunities... why not?

It turned out to be totally fun and relaxing, if a little chilly.

brick and cross

I've a bit of an obsession with repetition. And with bricks (and locks, fire hydrants, cracks, crumbling buildings... a lot of things, actually.) What really killed me as I was looking at these bricks was the cross faded in the distance. Don't ask me why, but for me, it makes the shot.

rail and bottle

This one is just... well, you get it. Ornate, fancy iron rail, litter. And the colors are nice.

Steamy on yellow

I stopped to shoot the crumbling wall and a fire hydrant (goldmine!) and ended up taking this shot of the latest incarnation of my trusty bike, Steamy. She has a new silver bell. Yay!