Saturday, February 28, 2009

Not quite sprung yet...


But we're getting closer.


I'm getting really antsy for the warm weather. Today, L and I went to the bike store to get her a folder bike (her new commute is a bit of a hike, even using public transportation). Being around bikes and gear makes me want to ride more! For fun! I finally got back into the grind with bike commuting this week, but no more than to and from work (about 7 miles a day.) I'm hoping to do a few longer rides a week this spring.

L's new bike? Way cool. And orange. I'm in love with it, in a nerdy sorta way. Maybe some day she'll let me take pictures of her with it. L + orange foldy bike = adorable.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Commute and a random stop.



Spring Garden Bridge (of, not over).

Taps at Nodding Head. I met the brewmaster and talked beer yesterday.. and got a bunch of free tastes!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Two of Keely

I swore I'd do something after work today, but it didn't happen. I came home from work with throbbing toothache and tons of reading to finish, and I ended up crashing for an hour or so. My tooth still hurts and I've got a "nap hangover." I wish I'd taken my dog for a walk or to the park. I'm a bum.

Friday, February 20, 2009

change & changes

Change. Bus shelter with bus reflected.

I commuted by Septa a few nights last week. Too tired/sick from wisdom tooth surgery to bike, Lou needed the car. It's actually not so bad; I used to get really motion sick on buses, but not so these last few times. Nice. I can read news, listen to music, and totally let someone else get me home. I like.

Anne, this is a weird photo just for you:

Orville teeth

Orville making an amazing face while eating.

And I'm off. The Wii has stolen my life.

Monday, February 16, 2009

I promise to return this week...

I had a bad week last week. Jury duty, wisdom tooth removal, etc... but I'll be back with new photos in the next day or two. I swear.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I admit it, I'm bad at consistancy.

But really, a lot has been going on. And also, I've been in the house a lot. Ok, I know. Excuses. What can I say? Sometimes a girl just gets busy. (And sometimes a girl becomes paralyzed with fear of her impending oral surgery.) Hey, it happens.

My apologies to the three people who await fresh posts from me. I'll try to get with the program.

fountain and ladders

This is a self-portrait? Do you see me? that black blob on the left of the spigot part of the fountain? Yep, that's me, procrastinating on my walk to work. I was mesmerized by the colors of the playground and the fountain's chrome (ooh, shiny!!) finish. So neat and clean; it stands in direct opposition with the way I see the city of Philadelphia as a whole. Which is to say I think Philly is treated as one giant trashcan by half the residents, the infrastructure is crumbling, and in general it's really f-ing dirty. But this park is well-maintained (because it's new and in an affluent area, I'd assume) and it's still bright and shiny.

moss and nail, E.S.P.

A nail and moss on the outside of the Eastern State Penitentiary.

pipe and moss

A continuation of the moss theme, this time with a bright blue pipe. This is on the front of a house in the Fairmount area. I love blues and greens, the brighter the better. Also, as usual, the more crumbly and pathetic, the better.

Lou and jelly
L plus bearsuit plus Jelly.

L's mom gave us the most amazingly comfortable sweatshirts. They're unbelievably warm and snugly. They have thumb holes which keep the sleeves pulled up over your knuckles, they're lined with a wool-like fleece, and the hoods zip over your neck and chin. We've dubbed them our "bearsuits," and we wear them around the house whenever it's cold. My bearsuit is the most comforting piece of clothing I've ever had, I think. I'm contemplating wearing it on Thursday when I go to the butcher oral surgeon. I think it will make me less scared. Perhaps it won't be as calming as the massive dose of lorazepam I'll pop before I head out the door, but still... I need all the help I can get.

I have a friend going with me, and L's taking the afternoon off to take care of me once I get home. I should relax; I've got my bases covered. Instead, I've been losing sleep over this thing. Silly, I know, because I've gone through oral surgery twice before, and feel like I should know the routine by now. The needle is the worst part, and it's over in two minutes. The actual surgery? Gross, noisy, and a little scary, but not painful. I don't know why I can't overcome my innate panicky feelings over this whole thing and just chill out, but I can't.

Eh, such is life. It'll be over in less than 48 hours, and I'll be on here whining about how my mouth hurts and how much indigestion I've gotten from eating nothing but ice cream.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

recycled snap.

Because yesterday was cold and I was reluctant to leave the warmth of the indoors...

I miss warm weather.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Before class on Tuesday night, I wandered around Center City watching the snow fall. I wandered down Sansom Street, one of my favorite streets downtown. I walked past Nodding Head brewpub, past my old haunt Oscar's, the diviest of dives, and right into this:

soft pretzels and psychic readings
Do I get a free psychic reading if I buy a soft pretzel? 'Cuz that'd be pretty cool.

Not the best photo, but the best thing! Imagine how awesome it would be if they had a "buy one, get one" deal! To be quite honest, I'd be a little afraid to get a psychic reading. I'd fear dire predictions, like on "Lost" when the psychic tells Claire all that creepy stuff about her unborn child. Nevermind, I'll just take the pretzel. (With extra-spicy brown mustard, please.)

After class, I pretty much immediately realized that I was in pain. For a day or two (or three) before, I'd become acutely aware of the fact that one of my bottom wisdom teeth was on its way in. No big deal, I thought. It would be my third wisdom tooth to come in, and the other ones were fine. (Were, not are, because I got a cavity in one and ended up having it pulled.) But the point is that having them arrive hasn't been a problem in the past, and my dentists have never suggested otherwise.

It turns out I need this one out. I had a terrible infection that caused me to lose a night of sleep and a day of work. And now, I get to lose at least two, if not all three, of my remaining wisdom teeth. Awesome.

Even better? Lemme tell you about my week next week: on Monday, I have jury duty. Again. I am one of those lucky people who gets called every year. You can ask my girlfriend (who never seems to get called); I'm totally cursed. If you have a good reason for me to give about why I shouldn't serve on a jury, now's the time.

Ok, so then, I have work Tuesday and Wednesday (provided I don't get called to serve on some crazy case.) Good. Work. Money. This will be the highlight of my week.

Thursday, I get to have oral surgery! Yay! I'm so pleased! My sadistic singing oral surgeon will vacillate between making gruff comments about my extreme anxiety and singing (yes, I said singing) "don't be afraid, this won't hurt" in operatic style. Did I mention he's tall, muscular, and has a military haircut? I dare not rebel. I'll just stare at the ornate opera mask framed on his wall (gay, gay, gay) and suffer my fate.

Next week is probably not going down in my "Top Ten Best Weeks Ever" list. Not unless Lou buys me a pony or something.

The only reason I'm not in the fetal position in the bathtub right now.

Ah, the sad collection of drugs keeping me alive. Not pictured? The amazing clay heat pack I microwave, insert into a purple sleeve, and strap to my face. That thing is amazing (though not really great for the ol' social life.)

Oh, did I mention I pulled my butt muscle? Yeah... Ouch.

spigot on brick
Another spigot. Apparently, I can add them to my list of things I obsess over a bit. Locks, look out. You've got competition.

Uh... I bring you a random spigot. I just liked the way the green rust contrasted with the red brick. And I'm just tired of bitching about my stupid ailments.

Monday, February 2, 2009


Keely and I went for a walk this afternoon.

urban keely
The urban dog. She's quite photogenic.

I love my dog. She's a whole lot of crazy, though. Sometimes more than I can handle. She's usually pretty good on walks, though. Today we had a decent time, although she did freak out because some kids were bouncing a basketball. She's creepily obsessed with balls of all types, though tennis-type balls are best.


Another lock. Don't ask; I couldn't tell you. I like that this one says "hardened." It makes it seem so tough. Not tough in the conventional padlock sense, but tough in a more street-wise sort of way. Like a rebel.

fence and colors
Fence with mural behind it.

The actual mural is in disrepair, but it looks nice as a blurred backdrop.

Tomorrow it's supposed to be crappy out, and I've got class until later. I'll do my best to get something up here, though.


One of our friends made Lou the gayest cake ever. No, really.

gayest cake ever.
Is this not the most amazingly gay dessert item you've ever laid eyes on?

This was supposed to go up before I crashed Saturday night, but I never got around to it. Whoops! I'm failing at daily blogging. Semi-daily? Fairly frequent? Meh, whatever.