Saturday, February 28, 2009

Not quite sprung yet...


But we're getting closer.


I'm getting really antsy for the warm weather. Today, L and I went to the bike store to get her a folder bike (her new commute is a bit of a hike, even using public transportation). Being around bikes and gear makes me want to ride more! For fun! I finally got back into the grind with bike commuting this week, but no more than to and from work (about 7 miles a day.) I'm hoping to do a few longer rides a week this spring.

L's new bike? Way cool. And orange. I'm in love with it, in a nerdy sorta way. Maybe some day she'll let me take pictures of her with it. L + orange foldy bike = adorable.


  1. so that's the REAL reason your old bike is on Craig's list!

  2. Well, yeah. L has been riding that bike for the last few years. I've had the bike I had built for me a few years ago. While I'm itching for another bike (one with gears for long rides with the bicycle coalition), it's not in the budget. I might steal the folder now and then just for fun, though.

  3. My garden is looking a little like that... I can't wait for spring! And daffodils! And tulips! And lilacs (my favorites!). :)