Monday, February 2, 2009


Keely and I went for a walk this afternoon.

urban keely
The urban dog. She's quite photogenic.

I love my dog. She's a whole lot of crazy, though. Sometimes more than I can handle. She's usually pretty good on walks, though. Today we had a decent time, although she did freak out because some kids were bouncing a basketball. She's creepily obsessed with balls of all types, though tennis-type balls are best.


Another lock. Don't ask; I couldn't tell you. I like that this one says "hardened." It makes it seem so tough. Not tough in the conventional padlock sense, but tough in a more street-wise sort of way. Like a rebel.

fence and colors
Fence with mural behind it.

The actual mural is in disrepair, but it looks nice as a blurred backdrop.

Tomorrow it's supposed to be crappy out, and I've got class until later. I'll do my best to get something up here, though.

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  1. I hope so! This is an excellent cure for web boredom.