Friday, February 20, 2009

change & changes

Change. Bus shelter with bus reflected.

I commuted by Septa a few nights last week. Too tired/sick from wisdom tooth surgery to bike, Lou needed the car. It's actually not so bad; I used to get really motion sick on buses, but not so these last few times. Nice. I can read news, listen to music, and totally let someone else get me home. I like.

Anne, this is a weird photo just for you:

Orville teeth

Orville making an amazing face while eating.

And I'm off. The Wii has stolen my life.


  1. Love the cat face shot! It's official...I have been inspired to start my own photo blog. Follow my blog?
    Thanks for sharing your photos, and for the inspiration to get moving and share my own.

  2. Glad to have you back-I love your photos and look forward to more next week!

  3. our cat does this weird open mouth face, too!