Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I admit it, I'm bad at consistancy.

But really, a lot has been going on. And also, I've been in the house a lot. Ok, I know. Excuses. What can I say? Sometimes a girl just gets busy. (And sometimes a girl becomes paralyzed with fear of her impending oral surgery.) Hey, it happens.

My apologies to the three people who await fresh posts from me. I'll try to get with the program.

fountain and ladders

This is a self-portrait? Do you see me? that black blob on the left of the spigot part of the fountain? Yep, that's me, procrastinating on my walk to work. I was mesmerized by the colors of the playground and the fountain's chrome (ooh, shiny!!) finish. So neat and clean; it stands in direct opposition with the way I see the city of Philadelphia as a whole. Which is to say I think Philly is treated as one giant trashcan by half the residents, the infrastructure is crumbling, and in general it's really f-ing dirty. But this park is well-maintained (because it's new and in an affluent area, I'd assume) and it's still bright and shiny.

moss and nail, E.S.P.

A nail and moss on the outside of the Eastern State Penitentiary.

pipe and moss

A continuation of the moss theme, this time with a bright blue pipe. This is on the front of a house in the Fairmount area. I love blues and greens, the brighter the better. Also, as usual, the more crumbly and pathetic, the better.

Lou and jelly
L plus bearsuit plus Jelly.

L's mom gave us the most amazingly comfortable sweatshirts. They're unbelievably warm and snugly. They have thumb holes which keep the sleeves pulled up over your knuckles, they're lined with a wool-like fleece, and the hoods zip over your neck and chin. We've dubbed them our "bearsuits," and we wear them around the house whenever it's cold. My bearsuit is the most comforting piece of clothing I've ever had, I think. I'm contemplating wearing it on Thursday when I go to the butcher oral surgeon. I think it will make me less scared. Perhaps it won't be as calming as the massive dose of lorazepam I'll pop before I head out the door, but still... I need all the help I can get.

I have a friend going with me, and L's taking the afternoon off to take care of me once I get home. I should relax; I've got my bases covered. Instead, I've been losing sleep over this thing. Silly, I know, because I've gone through oral surgery twice before, and feel like I should know the routine by now. The needle is the worst part, and it's over in two minutes. The actual surgery? Gross, noisy, and a little scary, but not painful. I don't know why I can't overcome my innate panicky feelings over this whole thing and just chill out, but I can't.

Eh, such is life. It'll be over in less than 48 hours, and I'll be on here whining about how my mouth hurts and how much indigestion I've gotten from eating nothing but ice cream.

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