Thursday, April 8, 2010

Motivation, among other things.

The last few weeks, I've been becoming more productive, bit by bit. I've been biking daily, walking dogs (other peoples' and my own), and generally spending more time outdoors. I've helped plan and even started a de-cluttering campaign around our house, and have actually managed to get ride of 27 books (gasp!) so far. I know this is barely a dent, but still... it's a start. I'm proud that I've been productive and busy.

Tiny ant on windowsill
Worker ant on a windowsill.

Somehow, this extra productivity has made me feel better at the end of every day. More tired, but happier somehow. And actually able to sleep. It's also cause the serial streaming of TV shows to end. I've probably watched three hours' TV this week at most. That's pretty rad. (Instead, I've been editing/posting photos and working on two blogs, as well as planning projects/excursions/other things with L. All good stuff.)

And now, two random photos:

Two pens (playing with new camera again, of course.)

Mural @ 32nd and Spring Garden
Chainlink and Tuscan Mural. 32nd and Spring Garden.

Actually, that second photo isn't all that random. I pass that mural every day on my way to work. It's part of the Philly I don't know that I'd pay much attention to if I didn't bike.

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