Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dogs, gardens, and bicycles...

Things have really ben busy the last two weeks. I now have dogs to walk (besides mine) four days a week. Walking other peoples' dogs is interesting. You walk in different neighborhoods and see new things. You get to watch dogs other than your own do... whatever it is they do. I'm becoming more forgiving of my monsters' quirks and triggers. Consequently, I've been taking them for longer walks and doing things I wouldn't ordinarily do - walking past a place where I know a dog lives, say - and allowing them to freak out, investigate, and calm down. We went to the park today, just me the dogs. I don't think I'd have tried that without Lou a month ago.

Sir Bart
Sir Bart, King of Everything

Lou had a long clean-up session and chat with a neighbor on the adjacent block. It turns out, the lot across the street will be available to be gardened by any neighbor who's willing to put in the work and take care of it. Sweet! Community Garden I can see from my window. We're going to be out there leveling at 9:00 AM SAturday. I'm really giddily excited.

the lot!!!
The lot

I am getting another bike to tool around on. A vintage folding bike called a Raleigh Twenty. I don't have it yet, but I'll take some pictures when I do. I'm pretty excited to be able to take some train rides out and about with Lou and her Brompton. It's way heavier than a modern folder and I'm not really certain I'll be able to pull off bringing it on a SEPTA bus, but you can bet I'll try. And it looks really classy.

I really feel like I'm cheating on my other bike. I still love it. I ride it every day unless I need to haul really bulky things. I'm planning on getting it painted and replacing out some parts soon so it can be all shiny and new-looking.

I somehow feel like this bike is jealous

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