Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My ride...

A while back, someone who reads this blog asked me to post photos of my bike. I actually think one of my first posts had a few (much better than this crappy cellphone shot), but here she is this morning. That's my "parking spot" at work.

Two of the kittens have eye infections. Getting eye meds into those tiny little squirmy faces is so hard! Mom is also on to me: she's on oral antibiotics and was twice as hard to medicate this morning than yesterday. I feel this does not bode well.

Ok, work. Photos from my camera in the next two days.


  1. Update on the kittens and their mama?

  2. Very cool blog ;) Thanks for the visit!

  3. gets you where you need to go right? Love the parking spot for it.
    Tks for the pic of it.