Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Kittens and other things.


Kitten pile.

Yeah. THAT happened last week. And we refinanced our house. And our roommates are moving out next weekend.

Lots going on.

So a few weeks ago, we had several days of rain in a row. I'm running around before work visiting kitties, and I get a phone call. Yet another cat has seen the giant "sucker" sign L wears and has begun to follow her down the street. A pregnant tortishell cat with extra toes. Sort of like our dream cat, really.


Skip to last Tuesday, when she has five kittens in our spare room. Unbearable cuteness.

So that's the cat situation. We've got five kittens on our second floor. Eight days old today. Severe cuteness overload.

We refinanced our house and locked in at a ridiculously low rate. That happened Monday, after some frustrating holdups brought on by the bank. It was a cause of stress for a while, but it's over now, and we're thrilled to save that money every month, especially since the roomies will be leaving so soon.

Brewing obsession continues. Have a pale ale in bottles for next weekend and a stout in the fermenter for... well, a few months from now, probably.

I was really excited to find a stout in this cool flip-top bottle.

So, life's been a little busy lately. Stress, tiny miracles, lots of rain (which makes for happy plants but cranky people). That about sums it up for now.

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  1. adorable... i don't think i'd be able to leave the house with all those kittens around