Saturday, March 27, 2010

Change afoot

Last weekend, L and I biked up to the West side of Fairmount Park to watch the U.S. Brompton Championships. Let me translate that: We biked to a park to watch 60 or so people wearing business attire racing on folding bikes. The best part of the race is the start -- people fold their bikes all the way down and leave them in rows, then line up behind a start tape.

The start.

When the start is announced, the suits race to their tiny folding bikes, unfold them, run to the road and hop on, starting the actual race. (This is the part where L and I ate a picnic lunch and lazed about in the sunshine.) The race itself was just another bike race, although the attire and the fact that there were other, much speedier races going on at the same time made it really comical. L is going to ride next year. I can't wait to see what she wears.

After the race, we rode home together. It was a lovely day.

Well, that part of the day was lovely. Later on, I discovered that someone had pried our sideview mirror off with a crowbar and shoved it down into the windshield like a parking ticket. This discovery was followed by by much fuming. The end result? Today we went out and bought a cargo bicycle. We're selling the car (which costs us more in maintenance and insurance in two months than the bike cost total) and using bikes, public transit, and carshare from here on out. The senseless vandalism and multiple hit and run damages to the car are far too costly for a vehicle we use once a week. It's just not worth it.

The minivan of bicycles, which we will be picking up at the end of the week.

So, being carless should be interesting. Philly's public transit system is fairly unreliable, and carshare is really only going to be used when absolutely necessary. We test-rode the bike today, and the thing is a land-yacht! It's nothing like my lightweight commuter bike. You can't feel bumps! It's so weird... I can't wait to take it out for some longer rides. It will definitely work as a grocery-getter and pet-supply transport wagon. I might even ride it to work on days when I have errands to run or just want a more laid-back ride.

Yeah. I'm pretty excited about picking up the yacht.

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