Wednesday, March 17, 2010

another falling off the face of the Earth to explain...

Ok. Yes. I admit it. I'm a horrible, terrible, negligent blogger. I suck at blogging. So much.

That being said, Spring is almost here. It's gorgeous out. There are going to be runs and long bike rides. There are going to be batches of beer coming. There's a CSA and a new preserving habit to be fostered. There are things to document and photograph.

I'm going to be brushing up on my photography, fine-tuning my Flickr account, and working with L to get a website up. I'm working on a bit of an overhaul, life-wise. This involves photography skills, so I'll try to get into the habit of posting my favorite shots of the day (or at least few days) as I'm editing.

Last month, I had the opportunity to go to the Westminster Kennel Club dog show as a credentialed press photographer. It was surreal. I felt really out of place for many reasons: I do animal rescue, and spay/neuter/adopt is practically a mantra for me. I'm a bit of a catlady (though I love dogs too--cats are just my main animal obsession). I am not a professional photographer (the people I was working around had telephoto lenses longer than my arm). That being said, it was fun. When I finally relaxed and let myself do what I do, I got some really great shots. Oh, and had a bit of fun. Ok, a lot of fun. (So many dogs to meet! So many totally obsessed dog people! So cool to be able to mingle with them, go behind the scenes and ringside! Whoa!)

Zorro, the dog I became totally obsessed with. He was a cartoon character come to life. I'm now obsessed with rescuing a Staffordshire Bull Terrier someday...

What else? Oh! L and I joined another CSA this year. This one is supposed to be far better than last year's choice. In anticipation of a vegetable windfall and just because L loves kitchen projects, I collaborated with my some friends and family and got her canning supplies and books for her birthday. A few weekends ago, she decided to give it a go, so we (ok, my hand in this was really very minimal, but I was there) made salsa. Very, very spicy salsa. It will be fit for consumption in a week or two. I'm ridiculously excited.


Canning project #1. Salsa of Burny Death. Yum.

First beer project of Spring to kick off in perhaps two weeks. And I'll be kegging this one. Cannot wait.

That's the very abbreviated report of my last few months. More to follow very soon. Really. (It's ok if you don't believe me.)


  1. I am mutually excited about many of the things you are looking forward to this Spring/Summer. As for Westminster, I really did need a full day to recover.

  2. You should bring the salsa of burny death to my next tortilla soup of burny death feast!

    Seriously, I have toned down the fire in the tortilla soup.

  3. Mmmm... tortilla soup of burny death...

    The salsa is HOT. No-need-for-psuedophedrine hot. We opened the first jar yesterday. I love it.