Monday, September 21, 2009

Snapshots and whining.

Fall is on the way...



Oh, and a few non-fall-related photos...



And now on to the whining. I am REALLY afraid of anesthesia. Like... I go into every procedure certain I'm going to die. That kind of afraid. The same feeling I get when I'm boarding a plane. I'm having trouble sleeping because I'm preoccupied with it. I know it will be ok in that part of my mind that has the ability to be rational, but that is only PART of my mind. The other part, the crazy, irrational, freak-out-at-the-sight-of-a-needle part... well... that's pretty much the predominant part of my brain right now.

Also? I'm afraid of pain medications. I don't know why, but I'm terrified to take them, and usually don't. I have narcotics sitting around my house from dental work I had years ago. I didn't take a single pill when I had my wisdom teeth out this year.

Which all leads me to ask, "Why am I crazy?" Seriously.

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  1. LOVE the rope photo. The detail in the rope, the blue, the rust...all of it. Hope all went well with the surgery!