Sunday, April 5, 2009

Home sweet home, beer, and an insane dog.


We've had some crazy weather lately. Friday afternoon it rained, then became gorgeous and sunny, then rained some more. There was a rainbow over our house (which of course dissipated before I could get outside with my camera). Then there was just rain. Then it was sunny and beautiful again. Ah, spring.

siphoning beer

I bottled my first batch of beer Wednesday evening. It involved some cursing and a lot of splashing beer on the floor, the cabinets, and the stove. I wussed out on capping bottles and ended up putting about half the batch into growlers. After all the bottling drama, I invested in a better siphon and read up on the right way to do things. Hopefully, the next batch won't involve as much angst. This batch will be ready for drinking in another week or two. I'm pretty excited. (Batch #2 is going to be way more complicated and involve a lot more aging, so I'll be doing another simple batch in-between. I am hooked on homebrewing already, and I haven't even tasted my beer!)

keely half-lit

My insane dog. She's attempted to throw herself into oncoming traffic twice this weekend. WTF, dog? As I type this, she's curled up behind me snoring her stupid head off. Why is my dog so crazy? WHYYY?

Ok, I'm off to eat pancakes and do dishes. Then I think I'll try to convince L to do something outdoorsy. I'm feeling really down and need to combat that somehow... I'm thinking a long walk or bike ride should do the trick.


  1. I'm sure you'll reap nothing but benefits from all that hard work from brewing your own beer. I could never get into it just because of the effort. Can't wait to hear how the nicely chilled glass tastes...cheers!
    Outdoors time is always a good thing for me to do to blow out the stink. Have fun and how bout a pic of your 2 wheels?

  2. yeah, my pup apparently decided that he wanted to break out of his 6ft high kennel by eating the metal fence and jumping onto his house and out the top . . .darn dogs. maybe there was some greater dog force happening that we aren't aware of!

    glad the beer thing is working out. i have often wished that i could like beer . . .i feel like i miss out on a lot!