Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cellphone photo fun

I've been lax. Part of it is that my camera is in dire need of cleaning (there's artifact all over every photo I take and it's driving me crazy!) and part of it is that I've just been exhausted lately. This morning, however, I took a little walk around the neighborhood near my office, and I took some photos. Craptastic, grainy cellphone shots, but still... it's something.

green rush

A green blur of truck...

rain and hydrant

I have a thing about hydrants. I think I've mentioned this before.


I always forget I work so close to this Church... and the convent attached to it. And the funeral home attached to my building. Things that scare me, indeed.


Tater has taken to sleeping between us in the last few months. That's L's arm she's using as a pillow. So cute. Not from my morning walk, obviously.

I've been feeling overwhelmed and tired all the time lately. I think the main issue is that we're waking up around 5:15 most mornings because of L's new (well, not THAT new anymore) schedule. Try as I might, I can't adjust. And this week, I was busy worrying about a paper I had to write, which was making it hard for me to fall asleep.

My goal for the rest of this week, now that the paper has stopped eating my life, is to edit photos from the weekend, brew another batch of beer, and actually sleep at night. We'll see how much of that I get done.

Hopefully I'll have something other than cell shots in the next few days.


  1. Your cell phone actually takes pretty nice shots. Why is Lou's schedule starting so early now?

  2. come back!
    i miss your blog!

  3. Ok! I've been remiss, but there's been a whole lot going on. Pictures tonight or tomorrow. Promise.