Saturday, November 13, 2010

The rare update

My DSLR is on its last legs, so I've been playing with "real" cameras less and less. (Well, that's not entirely true. My point-and-shoot has been getting daily use at work: The Cat Doctor's Facebook Page.) I've found myself using the camera on my phone constantly, though. I can't seem to stop myself from taking photographs.

Candles in a dark room

I rediscovered yoga recently. It feels really good to practice again. My body feels more flexible and my mind feels clear; it's so much better than therapy. I'm hoping to incorporate it into my daily routine and find a class I can attend weekly. Once the floor is installed on the 3rd floor, the front room will probably be a really good space to unroll my mat. I can't wait.

Lemmy woke up and yawned right as I hit the shutter. Awesome timing; interesting effects.

Things here are about to get more chaotic; the floor project starts today. Lou just rented a U-Haul van (go ahead, make the obligatory U-Haul joke, you know you want to...) and headed off to Home Depot to get the supplies needed for installation. 4,800 pounds of bamboo flooring have been sitting in our house adjusting the the environment for a few weeks. I'm at home keeping the dogs company, as the next few weeks are going to involve them being crated a lot. It's going to be stressful for everyone.

Earlier this week the car and the foster kitty started their new life. My brother and his girlfriend adopted the Subway Kitty and bought the car. Subway made herself right at home and has already rid herself of the evil collar they attempted to put on her. She's badass. (Go Subway!)

Life without a car will probably be slightly more challenging (I'm going to have to bike or bus into Center City or Fairmount twice a day most weekends and we'll have to plan a bit more for big grocery trips and the like), but all told, not much is going to change. (Updates to Carfreephilly will likely become more frequent as we adjust.)

I'm likely going to regret it, but I'm off to take the dogs for a walk. 115 pounds of pure muscle versus me: I'll maintain control, but it won't be easy.

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